Artist's Statement

During the sixties, I tie-dyed my curtains. In the seventies I taught tie-dye and batik at the Danish evening school and in my garage when we lived in San Diego. I continued to dye fabric and take art classes in the midst of a library career and raising a family. After workshops with Nancy Crow in 1995 and Joy Boutrop in 1997, I started making quilts and dyeing cloth using increasingly complex surface design techniques.

In 1999 I was juried into the Southern Highlands Craft Guild and the following year into the Piedmont Craftsmen, Inc. In 2008 I completed a Master’s degree in fiber art at ETSU. Since then I have focused on different surface design techniques while introducing conceptual elements into my work. These include formal elements – layering, gesture, the animation of space – and psychological or affective states combined with personal history.